Chuck E. Cheese. Next Tuesday. Free large 1-topping pizza. $5 order minimum. Carryout only. Exclusive for T-Mobile customers.

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T-Mobile. Get the app. #GetThanked. Starting June 5, you'll need to have the app to get your weekly thankings. Qualifying plan required. Download on the App Store. Get it on Google Play.
H&M. Next Tuesday. 20% off + free shipping. Exclusive for T-Mobile customers.
Lionsgate. Fanflix. Next Tuesday. 2 digital HD movies to own for $5. Limited selection for purchase. Exclusive for T-Mobile customers.
Hello Fresh. Next Tuesday. $25 off per week for 3 weeks. Exclusive for T-Mobile customers.
Shell. Fuel Rewards. Next Tuesday. 10 cents off per gallon. Limited time offer. Exclusive for T-Mobile customers.

Available now

Stadia Pro. 3 months free  Stadia Pro. Tap to see offer dates and restrictions.
KiwiCo. 50% off 1-month learning subscription. For children of all ages. Tap to see offer dates and restrictions.
Reebok. 40% off + free shipping. Tap to see offer dates and restrictions.


Play CandyPrize to win cash!

Play in T-Mobile Tuesdays’ three-day CandyPrize tournament and compete for a chance to win a piece of the $15,000 prize pool!

  • $500 Grand Prize
  • Over 1,000 winners  & 12 prize tiers
  • Up to 5 chances to enter  with the highest score